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Have you heard of Furusato Nozei?
Enjoy the benefits of this program!

Have you heard of Furusato Nozei? Enjoy the benefits of this program!
Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax) is a government administered donation program to support your preferred municipality by making a tax-deductible donation. You can receive a gift of your choice from the municipality in return as a token of gratitude. If you pay resident tax and income tax to Japan, you are eligible to benefit from and contribute to this program, regardless of nationality.

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  • Multilingual Friendly website

    Friendly website

    MOGUFULL is English and Chinese* friendly.
    All the information you need can be accessed in your preferred language.
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  • Specially selected gifts recommended for you

    Specially selected
    gifts recommended for you

    Gifts are specially selected by Wismettac Group, a professional in food distribution.

  • English-speakin call center

    call center*

    We will address any questions you may have about MOGUFULL website in English.
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5 Easy Steps

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    Check the maximum deduction amount

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    Check for municipalities and Gift of Thanks

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    Make a donation to your preferred municipality

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    Receive gifts and donation receipt

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    Receive Tax deduction in the following year after the application is completed

Let's start Furusato Nozei
from the following options.

Let's start Furusato Nozei from the following options.

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  • What is MOGUFULL? What can I do on MOGUFULL?

    MOFUFULL is a hometown tax payment portal site operated by a specialized food company with a history of over 110 years. It was founded with the aim of discovering local food and its attractions and promoting “Japanese cuisine” to the world.
    The site offers easily comprehensible information about the development of local industries through hometown tax payments, as well as diverse details about the appeal of the local cuisine.
    *Registration is necessary to apply for donations and access My page. When applying for a donation for the first time, you will be prompted to register as a member. The process is straightforward, so please proceed with the registration.

  • I’m interested in making a donation. Where can I submit my application?
    Is membership registration necessary to apply?

    Yes, you need to become a member in order to apply for a donation. You can navigate to the membership registration screen through My Page or the application form on the gifts of appreciation or municipality page. After completing your membership registration, please proceed to provide the necessary information for your donation.

  • What payment methods are available?

    All municipalities on MOGUFULL accept payments through the following credit cards and other methods: MasterCard, VISA, JCB, American Express, and Diners.
    *Only ‘one-time payment’ frequency is accepted for payments.

  • When can I expect the deducted money to be refunded?

    For income tax, you can receive a refund in as little as a few weeks, while for inhabitant tax, your payment will be reduced.
    If you have filed a 'final income tax return', the deduction will be subtracted from both your income tax and inhabitant tax. Since you've already paid the income tax portion, it will be reimbursed to the account you specify when filing your tax return (the transfer usually takes 2-3 weeks for electronic filing or around one to one and a half months otherwise).
    The amount of inhabitant tax isn't returned as a refund, but the Furusato tax payment amount is subtracted from the inhabitant tax due the following year. You'll receive a 'Resident Tax Determination Notice' around June of the following year after making the Furusato tax payment, enabling you to confirm the deducted Resident Tax.
    If you're using the One-Stop Special Exception System, no income tax refund will be issued, but the entire amount will be deducted from your inhabitant tax.